Years ago, while out beating the pavement, looking for work, my art director Jenn Farrington and I each got our heels stuck between the cobble stones on the Spuiplein.  A lightbulb went on over both of our heads; we had to warn women of this and other high heel danger zones around the city and we had to turn it into a advert for a shoe store. We sketched out our ideas and took them to our favourite shoe boutique, Betsy Palmer.  They loved our idea and the timing was perfect as Amsterdam shoppers couldn't see their Amsterdam store behind all the metro construction going on in front of it. With coloured hairspray, we stenciled our warning signs throughout the city and in doing so, I'm sure we prevented lots of trips, falls and broken heels as we kindly guided our high heeled sisters to the best and most considerate shoe store in town.

A3 presvel betsy palmer A.jpg
A3 presvel betsy palmer B.jpg