1. I'm married to Amsterdam photographer Marc Driessen and we have one incredibly cool son named Rex.

2. I was totally weaned on TV. From Happy Days to Cheers, to David Letterman and the wave of fabulous 80's and 90's commercials in between.  

3. I have an Instagram account called Davenportfinds and on it I post pictures of things I find at markets and antique shops around Amsterdam in the hopes of inspiring people to shop for quality, sustainable pieces. Antiques are green, people! 

4. I don't wanna brag but, I've been published in the National Geographic. It was just a letter but it's still pretty cool. It was about an article they published on Great White Sharks. I have the issue if any of you want to read it.

5. Amsterdam has been my home for over 20 years and I still get a buzz riding my bike along the canals. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. 

6. I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Art History. For me it was a perfect fit, studying famous pieces of art and writing lots of papers about them.

7. I love biographies. Favs include Keith Richards, advertising legend Mary Wells Lawrence and Barbara Walters. My all time favourite is Patti Smith's Just Kids. 

8. I prefer CrossFit (Yo, I can hold a plank for 4 minutes) but I'm trying really hard to get into yoga. Update 8/27 - Yoga was a no go.  I bought a SUP board baby! 

9. I LOVED writing papers when I was a kid. I loved the research, organizing the facts, setting up the story- the whole shebang. In the 8th grade we had to write a 20 page report for Earth Science class.  It was the biggest writing assignment we'd ever had. I wrote mine on the Swiss Alps and I was the only one in the class that got an A. Best thing that happened to me in middle school, which is sad. I still have that paper if any of you want to read it.

10. A few years ago I sold a TV show idea to John De Mol but he still hasn't made it. John, if you're reading this, it's time buddy.

11. I can make a devine Mexican Martini and kick-ass salsa.

12. The best concerts I've ever been to are:

  • The Beastie Boys July '92 at Austin City Coliseum in Austin, Texas

  • Grace Jones March '09 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam

  • Leonard Cohen July '93 at the Backyard in Austin, Texas

  • Dwight Yoakum August '06 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam